as quick as I started with the good news……

bad news comes to us via MSNBC.

Court decision blocks guns in National Parks

for those who know me, this is a matter of utmost importance for me. I love the outdoors and namely, I love the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’ve visited the park 8 times in the past seven years and each time I visited, one thing I was missing was my firearm. Tennessee has similar carry laws as PA and has a reciprocating agreement so that while visiting TN, my PA license to carry is valid. I can carry my firearm everywhere I go in the state, until I hit the border of the Smoky Mountains.

Even here at home the National Park gun ban effects me and fellow law-abiding citizens. Each time I travel to Gettysburg, I must constantly be aware of not treading on National Park property if I am armed. If you know Gettysburg, it’s almost impossible to stay out of the “park” as it extends into downtown. So I have to choose, each time I head west on Route 30, if I’m going to go out of my way to stay out of the park, or just leave my gun at home. The first option is a hassle, the second just isn’t happening.

As upset as I am about this newest ruling, I may still visit my beloved Smokies this summer. I’m hoping that the Department of the Interior sides with the Constitution and this injunction goes the way of the dinosaur. If not, I may have to just plan my fishing trips and family vacations to some of the spectacular Pennsylvania State Parks where my guns and my money are welcome.


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