New assaults on our rights in Harrisburg

There is a particular group of Pennsylvania State Representatives that believe they know what’s best for us.

W. Curtis Thomas (D-Philly), Babette Josephs (D-Philly), Michael H. O’Brien (D-Philly), Rosita C. Youngblood (D-Philly), and Tony J. Payton Jr. (D-Philly, seeing the pattern here?) believe that banning semi-automatic sporting rifles (aka. assault rifles) will end the gun crime in our Commonwealth.

This group has sponsored at least a 1/2 dozen anti-gun bills since President Obama took office in January. Each bill they propose is more ridiculous then the previous and HR 1045 bill is one of the worse yet.

The FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division creates detailed crime reports each year with data concerning almost every aspect of crime in the USA.

To show how completely worthless an Assault Weapon ban would be, one just has to look at the FBI’s data on murders in PA for the year 2007. There were 719 murders in the whole state in 2007. Rifles were responsible for 18 of those deaths. Now, the thing to take notice here is that the FBI doesn’t separate so called assault weapons from any other rifle so this means that any rifle, from a .22 single shot to a 30-06 deer rifle could be at fault.  Doesn’t it make sense that most of the 18 rifle caused deaths in PA for 2007 were caused by anything but an “assault weapon?”

Despite what MSNBC will tell you during their “Kids and Guns in America” special that aired last night, semi-automatic sporting rifles are not the weapon of choice for the US Special Forces, or most criminals for that matter. Many of these weapons resemble the current M16/M4 rifle used by all branches of the US military. The key thing that sets them apart is that the sporting rifle only fires one shot every time the trigger is squeezed. They can’t be easily converted to full automatic “machine guns” as the media likes to portray them and purchasing a legal full auto assault rifle costs tens of thousands of dollars, after going through an extensive federal background check and paying an arm and a leg for the license.

Most garden variety criminals aren’t going to purchase a sporting rifle for a couple of reasons. Number one, sporting rifles are expensive. A basic AR-15 (the sporting version of the military’s rifle) costs at least $1000. The ammunition for these firearms is also expensive.  On the black market, I’ve heard that firearms are usually 2-3 times the cost of purchasing legally, meaning an AR-15 is worth $2-3000 on streets. If the criminals had that kind of money to spend, I’m sure guns would be the last thing on their minds.

The second reason that sporting rifles aren’t popular is that it’s really difficult to conceal a 30-50 inch weapon on your body. Criminals realize this, that’s why they stick to small pistols and revolvers.

We as citizens need to put a stop to the introduction of worthless bills in the House of Representatives. WE need our Reps to be working on creating jobs, fighting terrorism, and ending corruption. As the elections approach, I advise everyone to look hard at what your State Representative is doing in your name (especially you folks out there in Philadelphia) and decide if it’s time for a real change in Harrisburg.

One last thing to point out, rifles were responsible for 18 deaths in PA in 2007. Hands, fists and feet accounted for 23 deaths. Maybe we need to ban body parts before we ban guns.


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