New York Times on gun control

Doing my morning sifting of articles concerning guns, I came across this webpage on the New York Time’s site.

Also found this little tidbit in the Washington Post

Today — by coincidence, April Fools’ Day — marks the end of the congressional review period for the Firearms Registration Amendment Act of 2008. Adopted by the D.C. Council, this legislation rewrites the District’s regulation of firearms in response to the Supreme Court’s historic ruling ending the city’s decades-old ban on handgun possession. Among its provisions are requirements for gun registration and safety training and rules making it harder for those with a history of violence to own guns.

So far the Heller ruling, triumphed by the NRA, has failed to set back any serious gun control laws. The NRA and other groups have active cases, but obviously, the judges handling the cases don’t feel they have to follow the Supreme Court.


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