WTF is wrong with people?

The past two months have been extremely bad in the numbers of active shootings. From my count there have been at least 7 active shootings, where more than one person was killed, since the beginning of March. In those shootings, at least 8 law enforcement officers died.

So far, the Obama administration has been quiet, but gun owners know that this rash of insanity is going to be the basis of new gun control legislation. The main stream media has been blasting off about how gun control isn’t strict enough. The front page of the Philly Intelligencer had this headline today


The AP story looks at the fact that Wong, the shooter in the Binghamton, N.Y. killings, had a gun permit. The story connects the recent shooters saying

They had more in common than unleashing carnage (AP) — nearly every gunman in this monthlong series of mass killings was legally entitled to fire his weapons.

Of course, they don’t say who “nearly every gunman” was, only naming Wong.

Let’s look at reality. A very small percentage of legal gun owners are responsible for murders. Most are committed by persons that aren’t legally allowed to own guns in the first place. Statistically, licensed gun owners are 9 times more likely to avoid any sort of illegal or un-moral activities because of their fear of loosing their firearms. Conversly, licensed automobile drivers are responsible for more than 90% of fatal car accidents. Matter of fact, in 2008 there were more that 37,000 motor vehicle related deaths. But we never hear calls for banning automobiles.

We need to find the root cause of these shootings. I believe that our current economic crisis is at least partially to blame and expect to see in increase in violent crime as more and more people loose their jobs and their homes.  Our culture pomotes violence. The very Hollywood movie stars that support liberal politics and anti-gun policies continue to star in movies full of guns, gangs, rape and murder.  We allow our children to watch these movies and play violent video games, but wonder how a kid that never touched a firearm can take a handgun and kill his classmates with accurate fire.

It’s time that America starts taking responsibility for what’s happening to us. I’m not talking about more laws and government interference. I’m talking about parents teaching their children good morals and ethics by setting a good example. I’m talking about our judicial system that needs to start being responsible for releasing violent criminals so they can rob, rape and kill again.   And we need to start taking responsibility for our own security, for the safety of our families.


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