Rendell seeks new gun control

It took longer than I thought for our esteemed Governor Ed Rendell to call for more gun control in the wake of the fatal shootings of three police officers in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.

Gov. Ed Rendell will call on state and federal legislators to take action on gun control in response to last week’s fatal shootings of three Pittsburgh police officers, he announced Downtown today.

Rendell, at the Allegheny County Courthouse to announce economic development grants, declined to give details on his gun control request. He plans to announce more at a press conference tomorrow in Harrisburg, he said.

At the very least, he said, he would like state legislators to allow local governments to set their own gun laws, something prohibited in 1996, he said.

As horrible as the Pittsburgh incident was, Rendell is once again making a mockery of the oath of office he took when he became Governor. The Pennsylvania Constitution specifically guarantees that the individual right to keep and bear arms shall no be infringed. While I don’t agree with him politically, Rendell seems to be intelligent, but why he believes that more gun laws are going to make any difference is beyond me.

There is one fact that the media hasn’t played at all in regards to the Pittsburgh incident. The initially responding officers were never told by the dispatcher that there were weapons in the house. Whether this was just a mistake, or gross negligence, the first officers on the scene, two of which died immediately, never knew that they may be facing a violent encounter. They thought it was a argument between mother and son.  If they had known there were weapons in the house, the outcome of this incident would have been a lot different.

As for Rendell’s idea of allowing individual municipalities and cities to enact their own gun laws, that is a huge disaster waiting to happen. As the law is written now, a citizen with a LTCF can travel anywhere in the state with his firearm. Now suppose that, under Rendell’s plan, York City enacts a ban on concealed weapons. First off, the criminals aren’t going to leave their weapons at home, just because Mayor Brenner decided he doesn’t like the idea of people carrying guns. They are criminals.

For me, that would mean that I would have to quit my job, because I would refuse to work in and would never visit the City of York again. No Revs games, no dinner at the Harp & Fiddle. And I wouldn’t be the only one, the City of York would soon realize they were being boycotted by most the 30,000 York County residents that have a LTCF.  That sure won’t help improve the economic situation in the city. And, of course, the enacted ban would do nothing to stop crime.

Rendell’s idea of allowing individual municipal governments to enact their own gun laws would create the exact situation that lead to the courts imposing an injunction on former President Bush’s law that allows legal concealed carry in National Parks. The Dept. of the Interior said that because of varying state laws, it would create to much confusion. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the boarder of Tennessee and North Carolina. In TN, it is legal for anyone with a TN permit or any state that has reciprocity with TN, to carry in State parks, and therefore in the GSMNP. But North Carolina’s carry laws are immensely different. While I may be completely legal to carry my firearm on one side of the parking lot at Newfound Gap, as soon as I step over the line onto the other side of the same parking lot, I’m violating North Carolina law. So if the Park Service and the Dept of Interior seea problem with this, how come Rendell can’t?

I believe that with the current make up of our State government, Rendell’s call for more gun control will be met with a deaf ear. Of course, his cronies in Philadelphia will jump right on the band wagon, but for the most part, I think that our representatives know that more gun control is not the answer.

Hopefully this whole thing is just more hot air blowing from the mouth of someone who will be political history in another year.


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