Second to None Rally in Harrisburg


This morning, the PA Capitol Rotunda was filled with people the Department of Homeland Security would call “right-wing extremists.” Gun owners of all walks of life and many of our elected representatives gathered to uphold the US Constitution and defend the Second Amendment. Speakers included;

  • Daryl Metcalfe, State Representative
  • Stephen Halbrook, nationally renowned 2nd Amendment Attorney
  • Larry Pratt, GOA President
  • John Sigler, NRA President


It was a little strange walking into the Capitol complex carrying a firearm, but I, like many of the rally participants, decided not to go unarmed into downtown Harrisburg. The Capitol Police were very friendly, accommodating and escorted us, a few at a time, to secure our weapons inside police headquarters.


Inside the Rotunda was filled with people, the turn out was awesome. I got to meet several fellow members of the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association (PAFOA) who I’d chatted with on net, and saw a few friends.

2arally-6 2arally-5

About 11am the legislature had to return to work so the rally broke, with participants forming up in groups to visit every office of every representative and lawmaker and voice their support for the Second Amendment. One announcement that was music to our collective ears was that the Castle Doctrine is going before the Senate.  This is a much needed piece of legislation that will protect citizens who use firearms in self-defense from unreasonable prosecution and civil action.


Cheers to all who made this rally possible, and to everyone who attended, the fight doesn’t stop here.


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