Again, bad tactics lead to officers’ deaths and another lousy AP story

In a story out of Niceville, Fl. two sheriff’s deputies were shot and killed in the line of duty over the weekend. A National Guard soldier wanted for domestic abuse, who is described by AP as being “interested in militia movements and weapons training,” shot the deputies who stopped him as he left a shooting range. The deputies supposedly used a stun gun, more likely a Taser, to try and subdue the shooter. It obviously failed.

My first question when reading this story is why the deputies stopped the subject as he was leaving a shooting range, and why there were only two of them.  Bad tactical decision. Knowing that the subject is armed (he just left a shooting range), why did they attempt to use less-lethal force to subdue him? Again, bad tactics.

As for the AP story.

What does the subject being interested in militia movements and weapons training,” have anything to do with the story?  The subject was a trained, National Guard soldier. He went through boot camp, and most likely basic infantry school. Even though he wasn’t a combat veteran, he still was trained as a soldier.  Once again, someone decided to try and tie a senseless, deadly attack on Law Enforcement to anyone who is interested in guns.  Didn’t the subject know that, according to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security being interested in militia and weapons automatically made him a right-wing extremist? I’m really surprised that term wasn’t used in the story.

Another thing that caught my eye was the description of the evil flashlight the subject carried while working as a bouncer

Neighbor Aaron Walp worked as a bartender at a Fort Walton Beach bar where Cartwright was a bouncer two years ago. He said Cartwright’s brooding ways made fellow employees uncomfortable, and he carried a flashlight with a sharp attachment that he threatened to use on customers who got out of line.

Oh no, here comes the ban on the assault flashlights.  In many places, bouncers are not allowed to be armed. There is nothing wrong with carrying a flashlight for self-defense, matter of fact, it’s one of the few items that can be carried on an airplane. Most security people, from bouncers to mall cops, carry a flashlight. But the way the reporter describes the subject’s light, he might as well be carrying a four foot broad-edged sword.

The story goes on to point out other recent events with the sheriff’s department, effectively reducing the story about the tragic deaths of two more LEO’s to less than 5 inches of news space.


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