One more event to support the Second Amendment

Another bad guy’s career comes to an end, thanks to a citizen and his Second Amendment rights.

The BGIQ (bad guy in question) decided to break into an apartment in the middle of the night but only made it half way in the window before receiving a lethal dose of lead.  The resident will have to go in front of a grand jury to justify his actions, but it seems like a pretty cut and dry case.

Mississippi has a Castle Doctrine law which protects it’s citizens in cases like this one.  If this happened in PA, the citizen would probably be in police custody because our state has a duty to retreat clause (you have to run away if at all possible, which is pure BS, why should anyone have to run from their own home?).  Let’s hope that our representatives in Harrisburg can finally get HB 40 passed so that we have the same protection from crime as Mississippi residents.

On a side note, Pascagoula MS is were I spent a bunch of time following hurricane Katrina. It’s a beautiful gulf town, with quiet down-home kind of people. It’s been four years since Katrina smashed the Gulf coast and places like Pascagoula are still reeling. The last I heard from people I met down there, some folks are still living in FEMA trailers, and many who left before the storm never returned. It’s damn sad that our government spent billions of dollars to aide New Orleans, but has left many communities like Pascagoula to rot by the wayside.

One last thing.

I hope that all my Republican friends here in PA are as pissed as I am about Arlen Spector doing the funky chicken and switching sides after I supported him for all these years. I’m not happy with the Republican party either, but to switch parties at a time like this in our country is downright inexcusable. If re-elected, his switch will filibuster proof the Democratic controlled Senate and that is just unacceptable. Please remember Spector’s treason during the elections.  It’s time to retire the washed up old bird.


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