MSNBC freaks out over open carry

Before a town hall meeting with President Obama yesterday, a New Hampshire man stood on private property along the main road holding a sign. Hundreds of other supporters and protesters lined the road, waiting for Obama to arrive, but MSNBC singled out this one man and completely flipped out, why? Because he was exercising his Second Amendment right. William Kostric had his handgun openly displayed in a drop-leg holster, completely legal not only in New Hampshire but here in PA too.

MSNBC reporters immediately took the display of constitutional right as a threat against the President. Kostric wasn’t making threats, and, has acted in a more rational, adult manner than the MSNBC staff and Chris Matthews (can’t he ever shut up? Maybe he should turn his hearing aide up so he doesn’t have to yell) have while reporting this event.

Check out the video on the page linked below to see the initial report


The news anchor absolutely freaks out over the fact that Kostric was exersicing his 2A rights.  At about 1:20 into the report the anchor says the following.

A guy has a gun in the open, where we already know the concern about every president’s safety, but certinly this historic president, the 44th president of the United States, and this guy is being allowed to stay here?

Kostric was nowhere near the security zone set up around the location of the town hall meeting. The Secret Service can, and does, suspend certain constitutional rights during the course of protecting the president, but they cannot deny a citizen’s rights outside of the security zone.

Kostric wasn’t threatening the president in any way, and be sure, that he wasn’t the only civilian there that was armed. This did happen in New Hampshire, the LIVE FREE OR DIE state.  What it comes down to is the MSNBC’s  absolute disdain over gun rights in this country.  The initial report was bad enough, but Chris Matthew’s interview with Kostric solidifies the point that the mainstream media, and MSNBC in particular, have absolutely no desire to provide fair, unbiased reporting concerning firearms, period.


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