MSNBC trying to tie gun owners to being racist

In yet another failed attempt to push their own agenda, an MSNBC report from another Obama health care reform rally shows a close-up of a man carrying a AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder. As the commentators (they really aren’t reporters anymore) ramble on about “racial overtones” because we have a “man of color in the presidency” they are showing a clip of the armed man, but conveniently crop the footage so that you can’t see that the man is black.


edited to add photo of the gun-toter.



  1. Looks like MSNBC has decided to compete with The National Inquirer and the Globe. Just take a picture and make up a story to surround it. Seems they will not let facts destroy a good story.

  2. There will alway be a two side to every conversation but the fact remains is you look at HISTORY the right people with guns will always protect themselves, their family and others they don’t even know, if it is the right thing to do. No senseable human being wants to take anyone’s life. But with gun laws the bad guys will just carry knives,guns, or bombs. If a gun is bought to a knife fight I bet the person with a knife will yield to the gun. Safety and Knowledge is how important a Parent protects by teaching how important it is not to be on the wrong side of a gun from young to old.

    As a former Military man I know they are for only one purpose (Protect and Defend) not necessarily for killing at will. Many soldiers that are sent into battle usually fire their weapon above the head of their enemy until a friend or buddy gets killed and they see they are fighting a determined enemy and it is then understood “Kill or be Killed”. No soldier wants to be honored with a metal for death in combat but they will do what it takes to defend themselves and their country, good or bad.

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