York Dispatch runs article on LTCF’s in York County


After several months, the article on York’s LTCF numbers finally ran today. When this story was first being planned, the reporter and I talked about doing a behind-the-scenes piece on people (like me) who carry a concealed weapon. Unfortunately, a series of events, including conflicting information from the PA State Police and the York County Sheriff’s Department, and ending with the reporters untimely move to Boston, kept us from doing the story as planned. Pile on the fact that several of the “gun enthusiasts” that I had lined up for the reporter to talk to ended up not wanting to give their names or going off on tangents about Obama’s quest to confiscate guns limited our quotable information.
Our new reporter did a fine job of reporting the facts and given that she was handed a mess, I think it turned out good. I truly like the fact that I’ve gotten a photo involving a firearm on A1 three times in the past three months and all were for positive stories.


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