The S.O.Tech Camera Insert

My buddy and training partner George, of Modern Combative Systems, hooked me up to test drive the new S.O.Tech Camera Insert for their high end Mission Pack line of packs. Officially designated as “Padded Camera/Surveillance Insert (MSP-CMRA)” The bag is designed to be used in conjunction with the Mission Pack but can be used as a stand-alone bag to transport photo gear.

I just started using the bag so this isn’t a full blown review, just some initial impressions.

While the bag is intended to be used with the Mission Bag, it’s perfectly good as a stand alone camera bag for hauling a good bit of gear. Like all SoTech bags, the photo bag is overbuilt with heavy duty zippers and big zipper pulls. It has two webstrap handles, one on the top (which I promptly wrapped with para cord) and one on the side. It also features a velcro loop for holding a tripod. 

The bag has two compartments, the main, large padded compartment with adjustable/removable dividers for your camera gear and a smaller padded pouch on the front to hold a laptop computer or other odds and ends. My Dell 13″ fits in here with room to spare, should be able to get a 15″ in with no problems. Inside the lid on the main compartment is spots for holding compact flash cards and other stuff.

The bag does feature two backpack straps on it, but these are not very heavy duty and while ok transporting the bag to and from the car, I wouldn’t take a long walk with the bag filled with gear on these straps. After the holidays I’m going to order a Mission Bag and really give the SoTech a workout.


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