Calderon blasts Arizona immigration law, seeks assault weapons ban

Washington (CNN) — Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed two of America’s most contentious political issues during a speech to the U.S. Congress Thursday, asking for a return of the assault weapons ban and blasting Arizona’s controversial new immigration law as a “terrible” endorsement of racial profiling.

CNN Story

He also urged Congress to re-impose the assault weapons ban, asserting that violence in Mexico spiked after the ban was lifted in 2004. Mexican authorities in recent years have seized 45,000 weapons that could be traced to the United States, he said, and there are now roughly 7,000 gun shops along the U.S. border with Mexico where assault weapons can be easily acquired.

More bullshit numbers out of the Mexicans and CNN reporters that don’t bother to check the facts before publishing these stories. These are the same numbers that Obama and Holder were throwing around months ago. And guess what, the numbers are just as misleading as their administration.

Only 6,000 of the 29,000 weapons seized by the Mexican government could be traced by the ATF and only 5114 of those have been traced back to being sold ” at some time” in the US. That doesn’t necessarily mean the weapons were illegally sold, they could just have well been stolen.

Get ready because it is very well possible that Obama and Holder will use Calderon’s plea for an excuse to re-instated the worthless “assault weapon ban” of 1994.


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