A few short weeks, and now the NRA was right.

A few weeks ago the Main Stream Media blasted the National Rifle Association for the recommendation of putting armed guards in every school. The idea was scorned, ridiculed and flat out laughed at by CNN, MSNBC, Piers Morgan and Joe Biden.

But quietly, at least in the national media’s view, schools around the country started reviewing their security and some schools, Texas and California come to mind, decided the idea was a good one.  In Atlanta this week, an armed guard disarmed and took into custody a young man who shot a fellow student.


And yesterday it was announced, again very quietly, that the school district in Newtown CT, the site of the most recent mass shooting incident, has voted to have “two eyes and ears — one armed, one unarmed — at each Newtown school,’ reports Bronxville Patch’s Davis Dunavin.”


I know in many school districts, having a full-time school resource officer is a burden on the district budget. Having an armed officer at every school in the district would probably mean the loss of a teacher or staff member at each of the buildings.  While I applaud school boards for realizing that having armed guards is a good start to keeping our children safe, I question why our teachers, who have to undergo a State Police background check just to be employed, can’t be trusted to defend the students?

I know for a fact that there are more than a handful of teachers and administrators in our school district that have their License to Carry Firearms. For less than $200 per teacher (that was already licensed and chose to do so) a bio-metric gun safe could be installed in their classroom for their firearm to be secured. Teachers who volunteer could be provided with additional, low-cost training, and a policy could be developed for transportation of firearms to and from school to ensure that our children are never accidentally exposed to a gun in school or have access to them. Of course, the National Safe Schools Act (Gun Free School Zones) would have to be changed but I fully support our teachers who chose to legally arm and defend themselves.


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