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The Appendix Carry belt clamp holster


Quicktuck magazine holder


Vigilance Tactical

Vigitac Appendix-2

Several months ago a friend showed me his new kydex holster from Vigilance Tactical while on a range trip. The holster looked very well made and Mark was real happy with it so I touched base owner Chris Moon about having some work done. I’ve been carrying my Kahr CW9 in a Galco leather holster, and while well made, the holster didn’t do a very good job of concealing my tiny 9mm.

After a bunch of missed attempts to drive over to Manheim to meet with Chris, I finally got to visit Vigilance Tactical about two weeks ago. Located in a beautifully remodeled barn, the shop is small but neat, and very well stocked with enough nylon to excite a gear whore like me. Chris showed me some of his recent work, and we talked in detail about my holster design. I decided to go with an appendix carry, inside the pants rig because it just seemed to offer the best concealment available. I also ordered a holster for a spare mag.

I was lucky to hit Chris up between projects and since I left him my daily carry gun to wrap, he made extremely quick work of putting together a quality holster for me. A few days later I was back at the shop and picking up the new kydex gear.

Vigitac Appendix-1

The appendix carry belt clamp holster is made of a single piece of kydex, this one being .60 in thickness. Chris usually uses .80 or .93 thickness kydex, but since this is an inside-the-pants design, the thinner material is perfect. The first thing I noticed about the holster was the lack of “extra” kydex that a lot of makers include. The holster is cut very exactly to the shape of the gun and the front of the holster is cut down to the ejection port. The trigger mechanism is completely covered, a feature that is required for a holster that carries my firearm so close to the “family jewels,” and there is a full-length slot for the front sight, which will reduce wear on the little plastic front sight that Kahr uses on the CW9.

A single belt “clamp” is located directly behind the trigger guard. The way the clamp is designed, the holster is held in place by looping over the top of the pants, and behind the belt. Instead of a solid belt loop, the clamp is “C” shaped when viewed from the side, and while having plenty of purchase to hold the gun in place during wear and draw, it is very discreet, showing only the tiniest amount of black plastic above and below the belt. With a black belt, this would blend right in and by utilizing the built-in slot, you can actually tuck your shirt in and be concealed.

Vigitac Appendix-3

Using an appendix carry rig is a bit of a pain, literally, at first. If you are not used to it, which I wasn’t, the first few days of wearing it will cause a bit of discomfort. I’ve been wearing my daily for the past week and am getting used to it. This is not a problem with the design of the holster, it’s a problem with body shape. If you have flat, six-pack abs, you will no doubt, take to carrying an appendix rig quickly. I’ve got a touch of the 40 plus year old gut, and while I don’t overhang my belt, it’s enough to put added pressure on the top of the gun, pushing it into my groin.

Concealing the holster and gun is amazingly simple with the Vigilance Tactical appendix rig. A t-shirt or polo will conceal the gun easily and unlike a traditional inside-the-pants holster behind the hip, your gun will not print while bending over or stretching above your head. Matter of fact, the only way I can print with the appendix rig is to do a near back-bend, and I guarantee you, I won’t be doing that out where the public can see me!

Deployment from the Vigilance Tactical appendix holster is fast, like really fast! I haven’t had a chance to do a range trip but I have run a bunch of dry-fire drills wearing it and I can attest to the fact that an appendix carry holster is a much faster draw, at least for me, than a traditional hip holster. Chris knew I was concerned with having the ability to get my fingers around the small grip of the CW9. Most inside-the-pants holsters hold the CW9 way to deep to be able to get a secure grip on the draw. He designed my holster to hold the gun a bit higher from the belt enabling me to get three full fingers around the grip on the draw. Removing the gun is smooth and the holster stays put on even the most rapid draw strokes. Re-holstering is just as quick and easy once I remembered that my holster was now in the front of my pants instead of behind my hip bone (did I mention I never used an appendix rig before?)

Vigitac Appendix-5

Vigitac Appendix-4

The Quicktuck magazine holster is just as well thought-out and made as the appendix rig. While designed to be used inside-the-pants, Chris suggested I place the mag holster between my belt and my pants, it is just as secure and it’s one less thing taking up space inside my waistband. The suggestion is a sound one and after fiddling around a bit with placement, the mag holster is just as concealing as the appendix rig.

 Vigitac Appendix-6

Vigitac Appendix-7

After a week or so of use, I have to say that the Vigilance Tactical appendix holster with the belt clamp is by far my favorite concealment holster I’ve tried. It is a well thought-out, well made holster that complements the concealablity of my Kahr CW9. Of course, after seeing how well Chris constructed the appendix rig and mag holster, I dumped my Olight T25 and Leatherman tool on his desk for him to wrap and I have plans for him to build a custom holster for my grand-dad’s S&W Highway Patrolman .357.

If you are looking for a quality holster or have an idea for a custom rig, give Chris at Vigilance Tactical a ring!

Vigilance Tactical



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  1. Chris is the only person I get kydex from anymore, I’ve been dealing with him.for a few years now. He has a wonderful shop, and he’s just a pleasure to with. I send everyone I can his way, but being relatively close to the location is a hugh help.

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