The hypocrisy of the anti-gun movement

The hypocrisy of the anti-gun movement

If you listen to Bloomberg, Pelosi, Giffords and other anti-gun superstars out there the sure fire way to end so called “gun” violence is to ban guns. Take them away. Make them illegal to own. They’ve even produced commercials using some of the biggest names in Hollywood to push their cause. It’s interesting to see, that the people they use to push their agenda on the public prove that just because you make something illegal, that it means it’s use or abuse is going to end.

Laws concerning the use of drugs started showing up in 1935 (if you don’t count alcohol as a drug) when President Roosevelt hails the International Opium Convention and application of it in US. law and other anti-drug laws in a radio message to the nation. By 1970 the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of certain substances was regulated and the Controlled Substances Act was passed by Congress.

So for the past 43 years, manufacture, importation, possession and use of heroine, cocaine, LSD, and other opiates has been illegal. What has that ban done? Well according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, those bans and laws have pretty much done nothing. A 2010 study shows that 22 million Americans still use illegal drugs. At least $181 Billion a year is spent on enforcement, heath care, incarceration and productivity loss due to illegal drugs.

I’m not even going to talk about the fact that the illegal drug trade is responsible for a large percentage of the violent crime, the so called “gun” violence. But it’s pretty obvious that bans and more laws will not do a thing for any crime.



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