The Men’s Room makes strong showing at Blade Show

After being absolutely overwhelmed attending my first Blade Show yesterday, I realized that the former (and now rebuilding) Men’s Room Forum was pretty well represented at this year’s show.


_PAV9887_1After years of talking to Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, Eric Kramer of Kramer Knives, DJ Urbanovsky of American Kami,and Otha Matthews of Otha Custom Knives, I finally had a chance to not only meet these guys, but to actually play with some of the knives and hawks I’ve been drooling over.


All four of these gents were members of the original Men’s Room and are producing some great gear.  RMJ Tactical is renown in the knife making world for their tactical tomohawks and the Shrike, Jenny Wern and other hawks have seen action by military and LEO around the world.


Eric Kramer’s fighting knife designs have been some of my favorites, and now that I’ve gotten a few in my hands, I’ve got to add one to my collection. The Gutshot fighter is a stout, robust blade that feels great in the hand. His folders are just a robust.


American Kami’s new midtech line features custom designs in production blades. DJ’s new GITFO has a design reminiscent of the Spartan Blades popular dagger but with a user friendly (and civilian legal) single edge. The knife features a retention ring on the handle and offers multiple gripping options. Can’t wait to have one.


Our final Men’s Room member to mention is Otha Matthews. Otha was sitting at his table sketching blade designs when I met him. We talked for quite a while about the Men”s Room and how we are both happy the forum is back. While we were talking, Otha picked up a sweet karambit folder and told me he wanted to donate the blade to help support the Men’s Room. I’m going to talk with the mods to decide how best use this great donation. Details to come.




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