Citizens stand for Armed Forces recruiting centers


A group of men, and at least one woman, exercised their Second Amendment rights and show their support for the United States armed forces by standing vigil in front of a recruiting center in York, PA. Monday, July 20, 2015.

James E. Fitzgerald said that the group decided to stand sentry outside the Manchester Township recruiting station after the attack in Tennessee that left five service members, four Marines and one sailor dead.


Recruiting centers, and many military installations, are in essence “Gun Free Zones” because if a 1992 directive written by the Bush Administration and enacted by the Clinton Administration that severely limits who and when firearms can be carried by military personnel stationed in the US. Members of the US military are banned from carrying personal firearms on base (and recruitment centers) and not all locations are secured by civilian or military law enforcement personnel.

Several state Governors have, since the attack last week, signed emergency authorization for their state National Guard units to be armed, but unless the Obama Administration and the Pentagon change current regulations, the vast majority of the service members who protect our national security could be sitting ducks for attacks like what happened in Chattanooga.


More groups are being organized to be visible during the hours the recruitment center is open. The group joins individuals and groups in several locations across the US that are keeping watch over recruitment centers. And the armed citizens aren’t the only ones showing up at the centers. One woman dropped off cookies to the Marine recruiters and the local Mission BBQ restaurant arrived just after lunch with bags of food for the armed citizens.



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